A BIG thanks to...

Algoma Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Pat Baker
Elspeth Belair
Stan & Grace Black
John Bothwell
Harold Brain
Tom Brandstetter
Kathleen Brosemer
Justice Wayne and Joan Cohen
Matt Connors
Jean Cowen
Joan Kelly
Suzanne Cristillo
Shelia Currie
Dr. Sharon Buehner
Jean Burke
Randy and Debbie Burns
Lisa Buse
Mary Capstick
Cesira's Italian Cuisine
Doris Clarke
Paul Dalseg
Hans Devos
Karin Doleske
Caroline Dukes
Sharon Dyni
James Ferguson
John and Ardys Fleming
Jean Hershey
Harry and Sandra Houston 
Jean Keating
Brian Kelly
Barbara Rajnovich
Dorothy Rickaby
Mary Rossiter
Joan Foster
Carol Gartshore
John Vincent Greco
Wendy Hamilton
Trixie Hardy
Nora Ann Harrison
Ron Harrison
Honourable Larry Whalen
U.S.W.A. Local 2724

Honorable Larry Whalen
U.S.W.A. Local 2724

Jennifer Kersley
In Honour of Lynne Vallee on her retirement. 
Chris Rous
Frank Sarlo
Sault Theatre Workshop
Karin Seidemann
George and Catherine Shunock 
Jennifer and Micheal Skinner
Stone's Office Supply Inc.
Honourable Ray Stortini
Joseph Sufady
Rose Sundaram
(Roses Art Gallery)
Caroline & Ralph Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Thomas
Don and Joyce Watts

for graciously welcoming back the Arts Council of Algoma to our home in his building

For their generous donations