Art in the Park N' Lot MultiArts Festival Stage at the Roberta Bondar Pavillion

Fringe North International Theatre Festival program

 The Arts Council of Algoma and Fringe North International
Theatre Festival
are partnering together to bring to the Sault
#UpTheArts, a multi-arts festival, this August 9th to the 19th.
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Fringe North webste - link
Discover more about a multitude of events over 10 days, including 11 theatre productions, Art in the Park N' Lot, the Art Crawl, a Graffiti Wall, the Northern Ontario Book Fair and storytelling.

Art Crawl Artists and Venues:

Teens from Digital Creator at the MS Norgoma
Leta Dear at the Museum
Rutger Becker at the Downtown Association
Darren Emond at the Sault Ste Marie Public Library
Janine Chartier at the John Howard Society
Brenna Tomas at the Windsor Park
Russell Raven at Canadian Border Services
180 projects on Gore Streetst will be showing multiple artists for the duration of the Festival

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Art Council of Algoma 
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 Featured Artists

  1. Marching
    Artist Bio: Roxanne Martin (Sault Ste. Marie) is a member of the OCT (Ontario College of Teachers), visual artist, children's book designer, jingle dress dancer and cultural activist. A graduate from the Cambrian College Theatre Arts Production. an honours graduate from the Bachelor of Fine Arts/minor in Anishinaabemowin studies from Algoma/Shingwauk University, Martin inspires her community to work with visual interpretations, storytelling and oral history of her surrounding lands and waters of lake Huron and Superior. As an Anishinaabe community practitioner, artist and seamstress, Martin’'s artwork and her practices blend personal biography with humour, cultural belonging and social critiques to engage her viewers in social conversations. She’s an award recipient for the Ashoka Changemaker Innovative approaches for First Nations people and received the MIchaelle Jean Foundation Youth Solidarity Project Recognition at the Art Gallery of Ontario. She has established a small business in Ojibwamowin by creating children's books in fabric and a catalyst for Thinking Rock Community Arts in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Growing up in Toronto and Northern Ontario, it’s allowed her to have a better understanding of her own self identity and the cultural loss she has experienced as a child. Teaching in a northern community allows Martin the ability to speak her own language with students and peers, collaborate with community members and have a sense of belonging to better the future for many more generations to come.
IF YOU WISH TO APPLY TO BE A FEATURED ARTIST PLEASE CONTACT US  VIA EMAIL WITH A SAMPLE OF WORK,  AND  "WEBSITE FEATURE ARTIST APPLICATION" IN THE SUBJECT LINE.  We wll be changing the featured artist on a regular basis so don't miss your opportunity to be in the spotlight.
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The Arts Council of Algoma is committed to:
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The Arts Council of Sault Ste. Marie & District will now be operating under
Arts Council of Algoma as part of our ongoing commitment to connecting
artists throughout the entire Algoma district.

We are in full operation.
The Arts Council  continues to support arts and culture in
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